Simple Town is a comedy group comprised of Felipe Di PoiSam Lanier, Will Niedmann, Caroline Yost and myself. The four of them write and perform live; I help write, shoot and direct videos with them.

Our work has been featured on [Adult Swim]'s Smalls and Off The Air, NoBudge, and the New York TV Festival. We’re based in Brooklyn.

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A four episode series for Adult Swim’s “smalls” program. First two episodes shot by myself, second two shot by Ryan Mooney. Directed by myself, edited by Caroline Yost.

“Town Meeting” and “Livestock”
Town Meeting is a short film we premiered on NoBudge, about four idiot peasants. Livestock is a three episode series following those same characters.

“Scary House”


“On My Head a Hard Hat”

“My Daily Routine #TearItUpGetFit”
Featured on the Off The Air episode, “Health.”

“That Which Speaketh”
Six-episode series about a family and the obelisk they worship, an official selection of the 2017 NYTVF. Teaser above, full series here.