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Eternal Family: Cecelia Condit
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Observational Comedies
Music Videos

Delicate Steve - “Playing in a Band “

Directed: Steve Marion
Edited: Ian Faria

Music video for the single “Playing in a Band” from Delicate Steve’s After Hours, released June 8th by ANTI- Records.

What Draws Us Together, What Drives Us Apart 

Directed: Maia Chao
Edited: Maia Chao, Ian Faria
Starring: Maia and Zoë Chao

Commissioned by The Shed for their Inaugural Open Call:
“...explores sisterhood by stitching together reenactments of scenes between sisters from 12 mainstream American movies that Chao grew up watching with her mom and sister, Zoë. Together, the interracial Asian American sisters step into roles originally played by white women, with the scenes restaged in places where the two grew up...the Chaos reimagine and embody the many contradictions of race, gender, sexuality, and politics embedded within scripted sisterhood.”

Watch full video here (23:42)

Look at Art. Get Paid. and Critic’s Choice

Directed: Maia Chao
Cinematography, Look at Art. Get Paid.: Ian Faria
Cinematography, Critic’s Choice: Jon Gourlay
Edited: Ian Faria

From the Look at Art. Get Paid. site:
“Look at Art. Get Paid. is a socially engaged art project that pays people who don’t visit art museums to visit one as guest critics of the art and its institution, thereby reversing the relationship between the educator and the educated, the paying and the paid.”

The first video documents the 2017 pilot for Look at Art. Get Paid.”

The second follows the LAGP-funded exhibition Critic’s Choice, which was hosted by the RISD Museum. From the website:
“Critic’s Choice is an exhibition of site-specific art interventions throughout the RISD Museum. The interventions—which span the Museum’s galleries, lobby, public signage, and website—address community members’ critiques about access, inclusion, and cultural and financial equity at the Museum. Each intervention was carried out by a commissioned artist and advised by a paid “critic”—a Rhode Islander who doesn’t normally visit art museums.”

All of Everything: Todd Oldham Fashion

Developed by the RISD Museum
Directed: Jeremy Radtke
Edited: Ian Faria

Shorts documenting Todd Oldham’s design processes. Featured in his career retrospective at the RISD Museum, All of Everything: Todd Oldham Fashion.

Work in Process / Manny Azevedo on Portuguese Basket Weaving

Short documenting RISD Museum custodian Manny Azevedo’s basket weaving practice.

Developed by the RISD Museum
Edited: Ian Faria
Produced: Carolyn Gennari